basic makeup looks faq

what is bridal makeup?

Bridal makeup enriches the features of a Bride on her D-Day. Bridal Makeup reflects your Personality, It stays through out the ceremony. Best option for Bridal is HD Makeup.

what is grooming makeup?

Grooming Makeup is self Makeup art and can be used for daily Purpose. It makes one look Presentable. It is ideal for a Corporate meeting or a job interview, it also can be done for College events and Casual outings Includes application of foundation giving a sheer coverage like tinted moisturizers and mousse. Concealing is done only if required on the concerned areas. Neutral shades like browns and peaches are mostly used for eyes and lips.

what is Beauty makeup?

Beauty makeup is a makeup look that enhances facial features. It is makeup which can be soft as well as strong depending on the requirement of the Person. All steps from concealing to contouring are followed to achieve this look. The look can be soft or strong depending on the colors chosen. Choice of lighter or natural colors in matte texture give a softer appearance whereas bolder colors with metallic or frosty textures is used to create a stronger effect. Day makeup and evening makeup are good example of Beauty makeup Variations.

What is Day Makeup?

Day makeup as the term signifies is used for Daytime events or functions. It is mostly kept matte by avoiding products that have high amount of shimmer or glitter. since the reflectors in the glitter or shimmer tend to bounce off the sunlight.

what is Evening Makeup?

Evening makeup usually differs from daytime makeup in depth and color. Deeper and darker colors with metallic and frosted textures are used mostly for an evening look.

Special Occasion Makeup

Make up play an integral part of any festive occasion or function. It enhances the beauty of the entire dressing and makes a person look special for the function. Irrespective it is traditional or contemporary makeup styles can be customized to every occasion.

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